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Office of Legal Affairs

Staff Contact Information

Staff Contact Information


Jane E. Boubelik
Chief Counsel, UCLA Health
jboubelik@ (*)

Carrie L. Recksieck
Principal Counsel, UCLA Health
crecksieck@ (*)

Shari L. Faris
Senior Counsel, UCLA Health
sfaris@ (*)


Amber L. Stiffler
Principal Analyst

Earl R. Osborne
Administrative Analyst
eosborne@ (*)


Mailing Address

Office of Legal Affairs
UCLA Health
Box 571632, Suite 1050
UCLA Westwood Center
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1632

Tel: (310) 267-7445
Fax: (310) 794-3313

(*) To minimize spam, we have not provided e-mail address hyperlinks.  Please add "mednet.ucla.edu" to any incomplete e-mail address.  For example, Joe Bruin's e-mail address would be jbruin@mednet.ucla.edu

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